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General information for patients  A comprehensive information page regarding practically all subjects in dentistry  All kinds of information on orthodontic treatments

Tandarts Spot  Dentist reviews  Highly informative site for patients



Information concerning dentists


NMT  Freely translated as: the Dutch Association for the advancement of Dentistry

ANT  The Association of Dutch Dentists

RTV  The Rotterdam Dentists Association

KRT  The quality register of Dentists


NVVE Dutch Association For Endodontologists

NVOI  Dutch Association for Oral Implantology



Universities with dental faculties in the Netherlands


ACTA  Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam, faculty of the UvA and VU

Radboud Universiteit  University in Nijmegen with dentistry faculty



General information on authorized healthcare professionals


BIG-register (and a direct link to Ivo's BIG registration)





Henry Schein Dental

M2 Dental 

Dental Discount 

Tandartsen Onderling



Dental laboratories


Excent Tandtechniek Het Groene Hart (formerly named Hoeve Tandtechniek) 

Excent Tandtechniek Ridderkerk 





Root canal surgeon (Endo Rotterdam) 

Implantologist  (Tandheelkundig Centrum Wilhelminapier)

Oral surgeon (Dept. of oral surgery of the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis) 

Oral hygienist (G.F. Gemin)



Miscellaneous  MIT's PGP/GPG keyserver. Here you can download the GPG public key of the practice.   GnuPG Website.