Sending information securely


For (medical) institutions or patients who would prefer to send medical information securely, we offer a GPG key. With this so-called "public key" you can send your e-mail message and optionally the attachments in encrypted form.



Downloading the "Public Key"


The public key of the practice can be downloaded from the keyserver of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) at

Please search for the term "Tandartspraktijk Ceintuurbaan".


Caution: any data you encrypt using the GPG key can not be decrypted by anyone except the recipient. Not even by you.

Encryption with PGP/GPG is particularly powerful.



Software and usage


A lot of e-mail client software supports sending and receiving e-mail encrypted with PGP/GPG by default.

As you will understand we can offer no further support nor responsibility for the implementation in your specific software and/or use of the public key in general.


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