What does my insurance cover?


Below you will find (if possible) direct links to the reimbursement-policies of the foremost insurances (in Dutch).


IxorgAchmeaCZ   UVIT  MenzisASR  Others






Ixorg is an alternative dental insurance started from the Dutch dental sector which can be considered a hybrid between insurance and saving. With Ixorg, you can put aside a monthly budget from which you pay your insurance costs. This budget can not only be carried over to the next calendar year, but is also interchangeable between family members. If you have a surplus of money saved, this money remains yours. This ensures you never pay more than the dental costs which you actually incur. Besides that, you enjoy worldwide insurance against dental damages for an amount of EUR 10.000,00 per case. To determine how much you should set aside as your Ixorg budget, it is advisable to assess your average costs in the past years together with your dentist.

Advantage: if you generally incur less dental costs than you pay for your dental insurance, Ixorg could save you money. Besides that, there is the aforementioned worldwide accident coverage.

Disadvantage: you do not receive an interest on money you save at Ixorg. The reason for this is that you are allowed to be in the red with your Ixorg account.

For more information as well as the specific terms and conditions, please check the Ixorg website.



The foremost "Achmea-brands"


Zilveren Kruis Achmea(utilizes 1 to 4-star system and is therefore pretty straightforward)
Agis(refers on the site to a collection of policy conditions)
FBTO(this site refers to a form which does not allow direct linking. By clicking the letter "T" you will however get an overview of dental reimbursements)
Interpolis(seems to be out of date at the time of writing (9-1-2013). This link will presumably be containing the information in the future)



The "CZ- Group"


CZ (Centraal Ziekenfonds)
Delta LLoyd (the page that is being referred to contains generic information)



The former "UVIT" agencies (Unive, VGZ, IZA, Trias)


- Zekur(part of Univé)
- Bewuzt(part of Coöperatie VGZ UA)
IZA(refers to this PDF-file with listed reimbursement under different policies)
Trias(see VGZ)



The "Menzis-brands"


Menzis(see also the PDF-file linked to on the page with the reimbursement-overview)
AnderZorg   (information on the site is a little unclear. The link shows a form with a reimbursement-overview for all ancilliary policies)
Azivo(very similar to the Menzis-page, this site also links to a PDF-file with reimbursements)



ASR brands (Fortis ASR)







If you are insured via an agency that is not included, or for instance the government, armed forces, airforce, or the hospital/ research- or care-institute where you are employed, please consult these institutes.

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