Invoicing formalities handed over to "Infomedics /"


Who are Infomedics /


Due to the increased administrative burden caused by the experiment with free tariffs in 2012, many dental practices have handed over the entire invoicing and collection process to factoring agencies. These are agencies that specialize in providing medical institutions with administrative support in this area. Infomedics is one such factoring agency.

Infomedics in its current form arose from a merger on June 1'st 2012 of Infomedics and DFA and acquisition of NMT FenCS.

Other examples of factoring agencies are inter alia: Famed, Kesteren and Netpoint.



Digital invoices


From november onwards, Infomedics / will send invoices via e-mail. This is more efficient and also better for the environment.


Instead of an invoice via regular mail you will receive an invoice with a payment link. The e-mail will also contain an invoice number and optionally a login code. If you use this information to login to, you will be able to view and pay your invoice. You may pay via iDeal, direct deduction or internet banking. When logged in to you can also switch off / opt out of receiving your invoice via e-mail if you would rather receive it via regular mail.

Are you not yet receiving invoices digitally but would you like to? Please provide the practice with your e-mail address. We will arrange for you to receive your invoice digitally in the future.

Questions? Please view the FAQ at here. If your question isn't listed, you may also contact the Servicedesk of via 0900 777 777 1.




We have outsourced the sending and administrative processing of invoices to You can pay the received invoice to "" at account number in the name of "Derdengelden Infomedics". For questions regarding invoices we refer you to


Contact details


Servicedesk Debiteuren
Phone no.: 0900 – 777 777 1 (€ 0,10 per minute)
Opening hours: monday to thursday from 09:00 – 17:00h and friday from 09:00 – 12:00h.


Request copy invoice
You can request a copy of your invoice via phone no. 0900 – 50 50 303 (€ 0,50 per call).